Write Perfect Emails Effortlessly

Create new emails or reply to existing ones with ease. By interacting with you directly, MailWizard writes professional and precise emails on your behalf.

With MailWizard, email writing is a breeze – we write, you send.

Quick - Easy - Remarkable

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Experience Effortless Email-Writing

Let MailWizard help you create professional and compelling emails with ease. Our AI technology ensures perfect results, whether you're an experienced writer or not.

MailWizard asks, you answer.

With MailWizard's easy guidance, crafting professional emails is as easy as answering a few simple questions. You don't need to spell out every detail - MailWizard understands what's missing and asks you the right questions to ensure your message is polished and professional.

Tailored Professional Tone

Whether you're talking to your boss, your business partner or a colleague, MailWizard ensures your emails hit the right note. With our tailored recipient groups, you'll communicate confidently and professionally, no matter who you're writing to.

Speak Your Recipient's Language

Communicate confidently in any language, even those you're not fluent in. Simply provide MailWizard with your instructions in your preferred language, and watch as your thoughts are seamlessly transformed into professional emails in your chosen output language.

Quick & Easy Fine-Tuning

Need to shorten a paragraph, expand a point, or modify a section? No problem! Our editor lets you make quick adjustments with simple commands, ensuring your emails are perfectly polished and ready to send off in no time.
"MailWizard exceeded my high expectations with its email quality, especially as an experienced and passionate copywriter myself. Communicating with stakeholders like CEOs demands precision, and MailWizard consistently nails the tone. It's a time-saver that lets me focus on what matters."
Jelena PuzicSenior Communication Manager at Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois

Pricing and Plans

Unlock all essential features to elevate your professional communication with our Standard plan. Use our 14-day free trial to experience MailWizard completely for free. No credit card required!


Unlock all MailWizard features with our Standard Plan and enjoy a 14-day free trial to experience effortless email crafting.

  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Unlimited Email Composition
  • Interactive Guidance
  • Recipient Profiles
  • Editor to Finetune Results
  • Multilingual Support
€17Per Month
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€170Per Year - Enjoy 2 Months for Free!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need MailWizard when I can use ChatGPT for free?

MailWizard is tailored specifically for professional email communication. Unlike ChatGPT, MailWizard doesn't rely on complex prompts; it interacts with you to understand your email intentions quickly and efficiently. Plus, customizable recipient profiles ensure your emails always hit the right tone. Learn more about the unique advantages of MailWizard compared to ChatGPT here.

Is it true that I can use MailWizard in any language?

Absolutely! MailWizard makes multilingual communication a breeze. Our app might be in English, but you can chat with MailWizard in your native language and receive emails in any language you choose. It's like having a personal translator and email wizard rolled into one. So, you can write in German and get a polished email in Italian. Amazing, right?

Can I use MailWizard with my regular email app?

Yes! You can start using MailWizard right away by copying the emails into your usual email app. We're also working on making it integrate seamlessly with popular email clients for even easier use.

How does MailWizard ensure privacy and security?

We prioritize your privacy using advanced encryption to safeguard your interactions. For details on our security measures, please visit mailwizard.ai/security.