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Experience effortless email writing with MailWizard. Whether you're crafting new messages, fine-tuning drafts, or replying to received emails, our platform analyzes your input and offers personalized questions and suggestions, guaranteeing your message effectively communicates your intentions.
With MailWizard, writing is a breeze – we write, you send.

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Craft Brilliance. Not Just Emails.

Our innovative platform helps users effortlessly create compelling and professional emails. Not a wordsmith? No need to be. Watch MailWizard work its magic as it crafts your daily work emails using advanced AI technology. Now, let's delve into the three core benefits that make MailWizard a game-changer for professional email composition.

Say goodbye to lengthy writing sessions

Interactive Guidance

With MailWizard's interactive guidance, crafting professional emails becomes a breeze. No more struggling with complex prompts; it's like having a personal assistant read your mind and guide you through the perfect message. Just choose the best answer that reflects your intent, and voila! Your thoughts seamlessly transform into polished messages.

Strike the perfect chord every time

Tailored Professional Tone

Whether it's addressing your boss formally or chatting with colleagues in a friendly tone, MailWizard ensures your emails hit the right note. With our tailored recipient groups, you'll communicate confidently and professionally, no matter who you're writing to.

Tweak and fine-tune your emails in a snap!

Effortless Editing

Once MailWizard has crafted a ready-to-use email for you, easily personalize it with our intuitive editing features. Need to shorten a paragraph, expand a point, or add a custom command? No problem! Our editor lets you make quick adjustments with simple commands, ensuring your emails are perfectly polished and ready to send off in no time.

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Boost your productivity and focus on what truly matters

Save Up To 80% of Your Time with MailWizard

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Time-Saving Efficiency

With MailWizard's AI-powered assistance, you can craft professional emails in a fraction of the time, freeing up valuable hours for other tasks.Join Early Access

Tailored Communication

Say goodbye to guesswork – MailWizard adapts to the tone of your recipient group, ensuring your messages strike the right chord every time.Join Early Access

Effortless Mastery

No writing skills? No problem. MailWizard guides you through the entire email writing process, transforming your thoughts into polished messages effortlessly.Join Early Access
"MailWizard exceeded my high expectations with its email quality, especially as an experienced and passionate copywriter myself. Communicating with stakeholders like CEOs demands precision, and MailWizard consistently nails the tone. It's a time-saver that lets me focus on what matters."
Jelena PuzicSenior Communication Manager at Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois

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Pricing and Plans

For a limited time only: Join us during our early access phase and enjoy our fully developed, ready-to-use software completely for free - no credit card required. Be confident knowing we'll notify you well in advance before introducing paid tiers. There's no better time than now to get started with MailWizard.

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Enjoy our fully-developed, ready-to-use software completely for free.

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Unlock all essential features to elevate your professional communication with our Starter plan. The first user creates a company account and can invite additional users as needed. This plan will be available once our early access phase has come to an end.

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  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Unlimited Email Composition
  • Interactive Guidance
  • Recipient Profiles
  • Editor to Finetune Results
  • Multilingual Support

Looking for answers?

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MailWizard different from other email tools?

MailWizard stands out because it interacts with you to create emails. It asks questions and offers choices, making sure every email you send is just what you want to say, in a professional way.

Can non-native English speakers use MailWizard easily?

Absolutely! MailWizard is great for everyone, no matter how well you know English. It supports multiple languages and guides you to write clear, professional emails.

Can I use MailWizard with my regular email app?

Yes! You can start using MailWizard right away by copying the emails into your usual email app. We're also working on making it integrate seamlessly with popular email clients for even easier use.

How does MailWizard ensure privacy and security?

We prioritize your privacy using advanced encryption to safeguard your interactions. For details on our security measures, please visit

Discover our story

The Mind Behind MailWizard

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Hey there!
I'm Stefan, a software engineer who's been leading a team of fifteen as head of software for the past years.

Let me share a little secret with you – writing good emails has never been my strong suit. Honestly, I've never really enjoyed it, and I've often struggled to get it right. Every week, I'd find myself spending hours trying to craft emails that hit the mark.
And that's where the idea for MailWizard began to take shape: a tool born out of my own experiences and frustrations. With MailWizard, crafting professional emails has become simpler and more efficient than ever before.

So, that's the story behind MailWizard – a solution born from my desire to make email writing less of a headache for myself and for others.